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Charles Unice a.k.a. C4, got his nick name because he is Charles Unice IV, or the 4th Charles Unice in his family line. To differentiate the Charles' from each other, his family started calling him C4.  

Charles studied biology while at university, with a minor in photography.  While working for IHC and studying nursing,  Charles had a change of mind and went to film school instead of nursing school. He has been working in film since 2005. He started as a lighting technician working for companies such as abc, Disney, National Geographic, Disney+, Discovery and many others. In 2015 Charles moved his career forward by purchasing a Steadicam and moving over to the camera side of production. With his knowledge base in lighting and a photography, making the switch to being a cinematographer was an easy move. Since then Charles has gone to school at the ARRI Academy and has become an ARRI CSS Specialist and an ARRI Trinity owner and operator. 

Charles currently lives in Utah with his amazing wife and awesome daughter. Where they enjoy many out door activities such as rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, and of course watching movies.

Charles Unice/Cinematographer/Arri Trinity Operator/Steadicam Operator

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